Record profits of €49 million for FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona this week have been dubbed the ‘gold mine’ by Spanish newspaper Marca after closing this year’s financial books with record net profits of forty nine million euros despite not winning the La Liga title or Champions League last season.

Financially speaking, it was by far the most successful season in the club’s history. An overall income of €495 million was turned over during the 2011-2012 season which was 4.5% more than the previous season. This news now means that will Barça surpass leading clubs such as Manchester United, Milan and Arsenal by almost €200 million in wealth despite having a relatively modest season.

Furthermore, the club was able to reduce its current debt from €365 million euros to €335 million. “We have made this profit without selling assets, without urban reclassifications, without the help of third parties and without an unusual amount of player sales”, Vice-president of finance, Javier Faus, explained.

As already mentioned, Barcelona has beaten all previous income records without winning the two most sought after championships. Surprisingly though this has not brought about any economic repercussions, as Barcelona made savings on unpaid bonuses by not winning those titles although, on the other hand, it also did not benefit from the payments made by the sponsors involved.

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2 thoughts on “Record profits of €49 million for FC Barcelona

  1. Wow despite that they (Barcelona) lost champions league and la liga. Its good to choose wise

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