Barcelona and Real Madrid Rivalry – the El Clasico derby


There are many famous derbies throughout the world; The Old Firm in Scotland, the Milan Derby in Italy, and above all, El Clasico. El Clasico is the name given to the game between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid, and like all the big derbies it is steeped in political and cultural hostilities. Many see El Clasico as a re-enactment of the Spanish civil war.

Franco’s victims spread throughout Spain, but the geographical importance is significant as his power base was in Madrid and the Catalan region came in for much oppression. Membership of FC Barcelona was seen as a subtle way of expressing dissent for the regime, and many members suffered persecution.

Barcelona was a hotbed of political counter culture, and many of Franco’s Socialist and Anarchist foes were based there. Barcelona is still a unique culture, symbolised in its outlandish Gaudi designed architecture. It’s a city which demands individuality and recognition, and the football field is often the best place to stake their claim.

If you’re planning a trip to Barcelona, why not augment your journey with tickets to the Nou Camp? The Catalans associate the Castilians with centralising tendencies, taking power and resources away from the Catalan region. These political hostilities are played out on the football pitch in what can often be an explosive encounter. The Spanish national team is often an amalgamation of Real and Barca’s best players, and this has often been a bone of contention. In the early to mid 90s, Spain were mainly constituted of Real players and Raul was the golden boy of Spanish football. The Barca players often felt sidelined and inferior to their rivals in the national reckoning. Many argue that Spain’s fortunes changed when Raul was dropped.

The national team lost its possibly overbearing presence, and a new breed, led by players like Xavi, took up the baton. Rivalries lessened and Spain went on to be the team they are today: World Champions. The derby day hostilities are still as rife as ever and Madrid are desperate to regain the upper hand. Who is your money on to triumph when the two teams next meet? Based on current form it looks as though it’s an easy bet for Barcelona, even in these early days. If you’re looking for a bit more excitement in your betting, Visit Here to play a range of online casino games.

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