Barca lose Super Cup title to Madrid after 2-1 defeat

Two early goals from Gonzalo Higuain and Cristiano Ronaldo undid all Barcelona’s hard work in the first leg as they surrendered a 3-2 aggregate lead to eventually lose their Super Cup title 4-3 overall. Lionel Messi struck back for Barca just before half time after going 2-0 down with a perfectly struck free kick but it was all in vein, especially after Adriano’s early sending off for Barca exacerbated things for an already lackluster Barcelona team.

It is too early to say but Barca were a stark shadow of their former selves this evening as they were outplayed by a vibrant Madrid side. Makeshift defender Javier Mascherano and his defensive partner Gerard Pique struggled to deal with the pace of Cristiano Ronaldo and co and their lack of quality clearly showed through on a miserable evening for Tito Vilanova’s side.

Madrid created the better share of chances throughout the night and despite being five points behind Barca in the La Liga title race, it was evident on tonight’s performance that Madrid possess greater quality as well as the old football adage of ‘strength in depth.’

Madrid showed off their financial muscle as new signing Luka Modric made a brief cameo appearance, harrying and harrassing the Barca midfield, reminding them of perhaps how much Madrid have caught up with fierce rivals Barcelona over the past two years.

Missing Carlos Puyol to an unfortunate cheeky bone injury did not help but should Barca wish to make a fight back for their La Liga crown this year, Tito Vilanova may have to have one last dip in the summer transfer market.

2 thoughts on “Barca lose Super Cup title to Madrid after 2-1 defeat

  1. this we are going to make a difference between madrid other teams

  2. Not all of them, I know many Madridistas that have no problem adittming that Messi is one of a kind. Only this new fans who became fans of Real Madrid because OF C.Ronalda can’t admit that simple fact just like this new fans that became fans because of Mourinho that can’t admit that he is not so special as they thought he is.From strictly football point of view CR is extraordinary player and his only flaw is that he plays in Messi’s era, if it weren’t for Messi he would get all the praise and attention that Messi is getting right now. I just don’t understand how being 2nd best player in the world is not good enough for people any more . true Madridistas doesn’t care if CR is 1st, 5th or 38th player in the world, all that they care is where on the table is REAL MADRID.

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