Another Slap For Morinhio

a new slap for Jose Morinhio, when FC Barcelona Defender Dani Alves commented on the special one press statements, which was saying that his group in champions league is more difficult than the others he meant Barcelona.

so Alves comment was that now we know him so well and we know his intentions with this statements, to be honest he’s a clever in this ground ” talk ” so he will win .. but we don’t care about his talk because we will loose in this game, we have our game which we are able to prove to all that we’re the best.

 so when the ball begins to run we forget all what we heard and we begin to show our real skills, he said that every team is playing the game on It’s way, he plays with the words and statements and we play with the ball, I think a lot of people will be interested of his statements because they will find a material to use it in increasing their business.

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