Guardiola will solve Allegri Algorithm?

Two hours of trying to rest but it had been useless so I decided to open my computer again and also write what’s combating me personally of sleeping, whenever I close my eyes I simply see FC Barcelona giants repeating after the great Cataloni anthem, placing on their fabulous T-shirts, prepared for the most difficult battle in the 4 matches, In reality That is a great feeling I have each time I observe a game for my own loved team ever, whenever they start their brilliant program practicing their very own strategy, everyone are really playing the role which they have been asked for from Guardiola.

however what makes me unable to sleep is not only feeling impassioned about the coming game, however It’s a worry of the competitor, your own enemy is not APOEL like our close friends, virtually no they are additionally giants, you are talking about AC Milan ” Rosso-Neri ” since they are calling this ancient team in Italy.

Let’s acknowledge that the game will likely to be so difficult and also closed, due to the fact of their approach inside the initial leg of the clash, AC Milan ended up being playing upon josseppe Miazza between the supporters of The Italy giant only to not lose and not to win, which shows exactly what Massimiliano Allegri is intending to do, within my point of view which Allegri played the initial match simply keep his chances upon, because if he played the previous match with a particular offensive strategies It might be the first-final round.

he realizes so perfectly what exactly is the response of Guardiola’s sons whenever they see the spaces as well as once they feel which they are pressured, and he knows they punish so fast, so he replied which if I kept It as 0 – 0 , and also hold off to prepare my self in Camp Nou game, I might possibly be the many blessed individual if I scored 1 Objective consequently I closed every one of the the ports as well as spaces within the Gameto not permit FC Barcelona use their advantage in passing the ball and additionally dominate the battle region ( The middle ).

I see that It could be a good scheme however It requirements a significant effort to be particularly done, you’re not playing a derby with Juve or Inter , you are playing alongside the many creative team inside the planet, themselves home between their fans which will did not accept anything however the victory.

let’s say when the expected Massimiliano Allegri’s plan will success, I think when Alexis are not fit like the preceding game, Let’s say that Sanchez was actually not concentrated in the game since we accustomed see the Chilian boy, he demands more focus, and also he will likely to be fit and ready I bet today which he might be a factor of Barca victory, and It will additionally depends on the players how calm they are, if they are really ready or perhaps not, I still keep in mind Inter situation, you dominated the game however in vain, they scored and obtained whilst we happened to be the highest in having the ball in the a lot of the time.

plus It appears so clear that you don’t have the ready-alternative for Abidal, we suffered the previous game because of his absence as well as we will, while adriano is away too, I think the next days Guardiola will request ( A Striker and also the rumors already spreaded that he would like Hulk ) as well as ( Defence somebody takes Puyol spot that is about to complete his career and It appears clearly which he begin to generally be more slow, so Pique demands someone beside him ) and additionally ( Back-Left which takes Abidal destination sorry to say ) .

Guardiola will start with the exact same tactics which he’s using constantly, to dominate the fight region in the center and to pass the ball so effortless since normal, however the differnce with grow to be within the 11 players which will start, I think that tomorrow he will begin with Valdes, Pique, Puyol, Mascherano, Dani alves, Sergio, Xavi, Iniesta, Cuenca, Alexis ( pedro ), and Leo Messi.

I think which the game will be opened if one of the two teams scored inside the 1st 20 minutes, yet if the very first half ended with no any score I think that Milan will close the game as they are really doing constantly, and possibly we will see extra time, you understand what I wish if they ” Milan ” scored 1st, so IT will be like a move for FC Barcelona players to resolve AC MIlan’s defence algorithm, and also I think It will be so simple this time.

anyway still the issue is on, which I can’t rest, PLEASE I think which I need any assist or just about any tips and advice to help me personally sleeping and also minimize thinking in the Game tomorrow. Good Chance my best team ever and also I hope to watch the most beautiful match I’ve ever observed, I need you dudes to emphasize me with the previous year clash versus Arsenal.

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