Afellay ready for Guardiola’s call

The Nederlander Ibrahim Afellay who joined FC Barcelona the last year coming from PSV Eindhoven, after spending more than 7 months on the injury list, finally has been declared that he recovered from his ACL injury.

Afellay received the news that he’s been eagerly awaiting for most of the season this Wednesday afternoon. The Club’s Medical Services gave the Nederlander medical clearance to play after being injured for 6 months and 21 days. The player is back in Josep Guardiola’s team ahead of the most decisive stretch of the season.

Dr. Ramon Cugat and Dr. Ricard Pruna conducted surgery on the Dutchman, who tore his ACL in his left knee on September 22nd, on October 3rd. The player started his recovery process soon there after.

Working with the team for three weeks
On March 18, Afellay left his individualized recovery plan in the gym behind for his final recovery phase on the football pitch. It was on this day that the player started to train with his teammates. Three weeks later, days after his birthday, the Dutchman was given the best birthday present of all: medical clearance to play with his team

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